We aim to restore motor function after stroke by boosting neuroplasticity.

We study motor learning and recovery, with a focus on mechanisms and therapies. We seek knowledge that will enable us to maximize treatment of motor impairment and disability after stroke. We use a range of methodologies (e.g., motion capture, machine learning, targeted training paradigms, noninvasive brain stimulation) to both augment motor skill learning and recovery in the upper limbs, and to probe brain circuitry and motor control.

Where we got our name

The Mobilis Lab draws its name from Jules Verne's Nautilus, a marvel of a submarine exploring the deep seas in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." Its motto, mobilis in mobili, translates to "moving within the moving element."  Such is our focus on movement, arising from the ever-changing brain. So too does our research aim to be progressive within the advancing stream of neuroscience.